I am a rising senior at Pomona College majoring in art and anthropology-studying both disciplines has allowed me to approach social justice and creativity from a variety of different perspectives and platforms.

I work with knitwear as my primary medium because knitting is everything at once-it’s accessible beyond the art world conceptually and as a practice, yet it can convey complex ideas and involve mesmerizing artistic & technological technique.

I also like to tell stories through my work, so my knits often involve a lot of text and symbolism. Sometimes the stories are personal, sometimes they’re larger than me.



is my alter-ego. She doesn’t give a f*%ck.  By that I mean, she is fearless, confident, and self determined in every way that I hope to be.
She’s far more techy than I am too... she’s the reason I got into coding!  I forgot to mention that-creative coding has become a hugely important & exciting part of my practice ever since EDGY GRANDMA came into my life. We coded this website together with a focus on interactivity, conceptual design, and a fusion of modern-art & retro-tech aesthetics.